OSAKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Behavior

A Corporation has a responsibility to contribute toward the economic development of society by creating added value and generating employment through fair competition and should also make its existence useful to society at large.
All management members and employees of the OSAKI Group comply with relevant laws and regulations, including their spirits, and with a strong sense of ethical values, conduct ourselves with initiative in a socially responsible manner toward sustainable development of society by acting in line with the following principles.

1. Our policy in providing products and services

We provide valuable products and services to our customers while taking necessary measures to ensure safety and reliability as well as to protect personal data and customer related information. We also engage in fair, transparent and free competition to ensure that transactions are appropriate, and maintain a sound and proper relationship with political bodies and government agencies.

2. Communication with society

We will timely and fairly disclose corporate information to the public and communicate with shareholders, investors, local communities, and all other stakeholders.

3. Respect for human rights and contribution to the society

As a good corporate citizen, we will never take any discriminatory actions in all phases of our businesses, and shall actively promote activities to contribute to the society.

4. Contribution to the environmental issues

We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by actively promoting initiatives to solve environmental issues, such as global warming, and realize appropriate recycling of resources.

5. Confronting antisocial activities

We will reject all contacts and confront with antisocial entities and organizations threatening the order and security of civil society.

6. Management based on the global perspective

We implement our strategies with the global perspective. In our overseas operations, we respect local cultures and customs and contribute to the development of local economy and society.

7. Creating a vibrant work environment

We provide our employees with comfortable and productive work life by creating a vibrant work environment. We encourage individual initiative and creativity of our employees and respect their characters and personalities.

8. Responsibilities of top management of the OSAKI Group

a.Our top management recognizes its role and responsibility to ensure the corporate ethics in the OSAKI Group by realizing the spirit of this Charter and takes the lead in an exemplary manner to implement it. Top management must continually stay aware of opinions from both inside and outside the Group and refine the effective internal mechanisms to implement this Charter.

b.In case the Charter is violated, top management must clarify both internally and externally that it will take charge to resolve the situation, determine the cause of infringement and make efforts to prevent similar violations in the future. At the same time, the Group will promptly take appropriate actions and make precise public disclosure, and upon determining the responsibility of the Group, impose strict disciplinary action against those held responsible. Top management will make best efforts to rebuild the social trust of the Group.