History of Osaki

August 1916 Established as Kogyo Seisakujo at the same location as current
headquarters of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
January 1937 Changed corporate status to a joint stock company.
Manufacture and sales items: distribution panels, switching panels,
instrument transformers, automatic voltage adjustors, etc.
April 1941 Acquired Osaki Kogyo Co., Ltd. and changed business name to
Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
February 1948 Constructed Kamata Plant in Ota Ward, Tokyo.
February 1949 Started manufacturing watt-hour meters at Kamata Plant.
December 1954 Started manufacturing current limiters and molded-case circuit
January 1962 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1963 Constructed Saitama Plant in Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture.
Organized manufacturing share system among Saitama Plant,
Kamata Plant and Gotanda Plant.
June 1968 Introduced technologies of maximum demand watt-hour meter,
time-switch and ripple control from Landis & Gyr in Switzerland.
February 1974 Constructed Iwate Plant in Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture
to manufacture earth leakage breakers.
November 1978 Acquired Hongo Seikei Kogyo in Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture
(currently Osaki Platech Co., Ltd., consolidated subsidiary).
May 1980 Streamlined corporate structure in building up a transformer factory
at Saitama Plant and integrated Gotanda Plant into Saitama Plant.
October 1980 Enlisted on First Listing of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
February 1982 Established PT.Metbelosa, joint venture company to manufacture
and sell watt-hour meters in Indonesia (currently consolidated
April 1987 Established Iwate R&D Center at Iwate Plant (currently Iwate
Software Center.).
July 1987 Constructed built up a factory of electronic watt-hour meters at Saitama Plant.
October 1988 Constructed Chiba Plant in Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture.
Transferred manufacturing function of Kamata Plant to Chiba Plant
for streamlining and strengthening production capacity.
April 1990 Established Osaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (currently
consolidated subsidiary) in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo. (later moved to Iruma City Saitama)
December 1990 Constructed R&D Center and Logistics Center in the venue of
ex-Kamata Plant.
October 1991 Established Osaki Estate Co., Ltd. (currently consolidated
April 1994 Started manufacturing optical couplers.
January 1995 Fulfilled manufacturing system of optical communication devices such
as optical couplers.
March 1996 Obtained ISO-9002 certification at Saitama Plant.
April 1997 Established Osaki Tech-service Co., Ltd. in Shinagawa Ward,
Tokyo (currently consolidated subsidiary).
February 1999 Received title of authorized manufacturer of watt-hour meters at
Saitama Plant.
March 1999 Obtained ISO-9001 certification at Iwate and Chiba Plant.
July 2000 Concentrated functions of R&D center and manufacturing division at Saitama Plant.
August 2000 Osaki Electric Systems Co., Ltd. and Iwate Osaki
Electric Co., Ltd. started business operations.
March 2001 Obtained ISO-9001 certificateion at Saitama Plant.
October 2001 Tianjin Fine Electric Co. Ltd. became consolidated subsidiary
of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
February 2002 Obtained ISO-14001 certification at Saitama Plant.
November 2002 Acquired Itron Datatech Co., Ltd. in Chuo Ward, Tokyo (later moved to Shinagawa Ward) (currently Osaki Datatech Co., Ltd. ) became consolidated subsidiary of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
February 2007 Enagate Co., Ltd in Osaka became consolidated subsidiary of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
February 2012 SMB United Limited(currently "OSAKI United International Pte. Ltd.") in Singapore became consolidated subsidiary of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
March 2017 Obtained ISO-27001 certification in energy management business domain.