To Our Stakeholders

M. Watanabe 
President and COO  
Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
Y. Watanabe
Chairman and CEO
Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
Y. Matsui Y. Watanabe

Since its founding in 1916, OSAKI Group has offered top-class products and services for power measurement and control, and has remained committed to improving precisions, reliability and technologies for 100 years. The Groups has developed and delivered high-performance devices and systems through partnerships with major utilities. As an end-to-end solution provider for electric power measurement and control, we offer smart meters, along with software, to maximize performance, systems and related services for the global market. And, as a knowledge leader, we supply a wide variety of flexible solutions for the efficient use of energy.

Particularly with respect to our core electricity meter product, Osaki Group’s has carved out a world-leading reputation of reliability and respect delivering energy for you.

As countries around the globe have prodded the Smart City concept toward reality in recent years, efficient exploitation of energy has been our mandate. Our approach to electric power is reaching a critical transition phase. Within Japan, reforms to energy policy have resulted in the liberalization of power to give consumers more choice in how they receive and use electricity, and the government is leading the introduction of residential smart meters.

Under these circumstances, OSAKI Group is leveraging its market leading position and strong relationships with power companies to expand our technological expertise.

Osaki Group is focused on energy solutions, and our dedication to the industry and position as independent meter manufacture means we are able to ally freely with many different partners. This flexibility has allowed us to expand our solutions and services offering, including into the IoT space. Recognizing that the timing of introduction, metrology, safety and services specifications, and communication format for smart meters will vary among countries and regions around the world, we have built a supply chain organization with jurisdictional compliance for optimum response to regional needs in global markets.

The OSAKI Group continues to offer value-added energy solutions in the pursuit of our aim to become the “Global Energy Solution Leader” and contribute to the realization of prosperous and comfortable society all over the world.