To Our Stakeholders


  Since the original company’s founding in 1916, the Osaki Electric Group has remained dedicated to delivering technologies and products associated with measurement and control, and information and communications for the effective utilization of energy. In this context, our primary philosophy has aligned with the effective utilization of limited resources in furnishing comfortable living to people in society. Thus, Osaki Electric Group has consistently taken on new technical challenges, and placed efforts in its role to support the industrial activities and energy supply infrastructure of Japan.
  Energy infrastructure today, however, has reached a major inflection point. Deregulation on several fronts has overturned our traditional notions, and the evolution in information and communications is transforming our social fabric. Osaki Electric Group has consequently gripped the wave of globalization in its bid to ride out this period of change and to maximize enterprise value.
 As the smart grid gains momentum, we shall fulfill the demand for real-time energy metering, and evince leadership as a dedicated manufacturer of measurement and control equipment that will support next-generation infrastructure. The Group eyes new market development through globalization of its supply organization, and intends to become a major global manufacturer in its domain. As the “Global Energy Solution Leader,” everyone at Osaki Electric Group is committed to the creation of new value that can help achieve a world of plentiful comfort.
  In closing, we extend our deepest gratitude to your steadfast patronage and ask for your continued support in our many endeavors ahead.

Y. Watanabe
Chairman and CEO
Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
Y. Matsui
M. Watanabe 
President and COO 
Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
Y. Watanabe